Bulgarian – Canadian Society of BC and Foundation “Trakart 2000” have joined their efforts to preserve and promote the Bulgarian culture and national heritage.

Beside the magnificent wall built by the Thracians – from left to right:

Geroge Ivanov – Trak (Founder of “Trakart 2000” Foundation, President of the Artcentre, Member of the Association of the Bulgarian Artists, Member of the International Association of the Mosaists – Ravena, Italy; Member of the British Association of Modern Mosaic – London, England; Representing Bulgarian Art to many international forums like Kamakura – Japan, Ravena – Italy, Victoria & Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.)

Radost Ivanova, Manager Public Relations (Foundation “Trakart 2000”)

Ivan Ivanov (Director “Education and training” – Foundation “Trakart 2000” With international achievements in representing Bulgarian art to national and international exhibitions of wooden plastic art and sculpture.

Jeliazko Andreev (Director Finance, Strategic Planning and Business Development) Bulgarian – Canadian Society of BC.

Foundation “Trakart 2000” is devoted to the promotion, restoration and development of the Bulgarian historical cultural heritage, cultural tourism, traditional arts and crafts and development of new artists.

At the moment Foundation “Trakart 2000” is working o­n Conservation and restoration in situs of a peristyle building with mosaic floors dated 3rd century AD from Philippopolis (Plovdiv). The project is financed by a Grant from U.S. Department of State – Federal Assistance Award.

The Bulgarian-Canadian Society of British Columbia is devoted to the preservation and promotion of Bulgarian heritage and culture among individuals of Canadian and Bulgarian descent, and serves as a resource for the exchange of multicultural information.

In the summer of 2000 was discovered a splendid and majestic 500-400 BC Thracian shrine in Chetiniova Mogila tumulus near the village of Starossel (Hissaria region).

It consist of a 241 m long impressive wall (crepis) with preserved height up to 3 m, a central staircase and two lateral staircases, a dromos, a precisely elaborated facade and two domed roof rooms (round and rectangular). With respect to the diameter of the second room (5,30 m) it is the largest ever found in Bulgaria, while the shrine with its size, ground-and-space design is the most imposing within the Thracian lands.

A worshipped ruler, supposedly Sitalkes, has got buried in this shrine. The impressive structure, built with more than 4 000 big ashlars, could be constructed o­nly by a rich and powerful king.

The shrine is the key place of a large cult centre, comprising a lot of rock-cut sanctuaries and some dozens of tumuli. Smaller shrines, used also as tombs and mausoleums, have been found out in two tumuli. High Thracian aristocrats or chieftains or ruler had been buried in two of the tumuli.

The man buried in Peichova Mogila tumulus used to be a follower of Orpheus. In fifth century BC his dead body was dismembered in three parts and buried around an obviously sacred rock. A chamber was built near the rock. It has got a two-slope roof to resemble a shrine. There the chieftain’s properties were arranged – a full set weapons (greaves, breastplate, gilt collar, gilt helmet, shield, sword, spearheads, bow with a leather quiver, arrows), two full sets of silver horse trappings decorations (most of them with incised animal pictures), four silver and four bronze vessels, three amphorae, clay vessels (some of them with red-figure scenes and ornaments). It is worth mentioning among the finds a silver double axe, being a king’s insigne in ancient Thrace. Another double axe is incised o­n a silver applique together with a horseman, sticking through a wild boar with his spear.

The results from the so far investigations give grounds to state that the Starossel region, generously gifted with nature landmarks, used to be an important cult centre of the Thracian tribe Odrysai over the Late Iron Age.

The news coverage was provided by: Diana Pantaleeva

Diana Pantaleeva is a Director of finance and business development at Nano Technologies Holding, Plovdiv, Bulgaria and kindly offer to help us from Bulgaria. The Board of Directors of Bulgarian-Canadian Society of BC appreciates her help very much .

Oct 30, 2003