Dear Friends,

This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the salvation of the Bulgarian Jews during WW II, a fact little known to the rest world. In 1943, at the time of one of the most horrific human atrocities ever committed, the annihilation of European Jews, Bulgaria defied Hitler and saved all 50 000 of its Jews.

Anna Levy’s PROJECT TEHILLIM commemorates this event with three different concerts. The choice of music highlights the Jewish genius and intellect, and it is written by Jewish as well as non-Jewish composers: Ernst Bloch, Srul Irving Glick, Steve Reich, György Ligeti, Ravel, Tchaikovsky.

The 1st concert- Lest We Forget will be held on SUNDAY, APRIL 8th, at 3 p.m. at Pyatt Hall (VSO School of Music)- 843 Seymour St., Vancouver, Vancouver.

The date of the concert coincides with the Orthodox Easter and Jewish Holocaust date.

The concert will start with a short lecture (15-20 min) and will continue with the following musical program:
Tchaikovsky – Piano Trio,
Ravel – Kaddish,
Bloch – Prayer “from Jewish Life”,
Glick – Suite Hébraïque.

Angela Cavadas, violin, Rebecca Wenham, cello, Anna Levy, piano, Johanna Hauser – clarinet.

The next concerts will be held on May 27 & October 14, 2018.

The tickets for all three concerts are: $32 (Adults)/ $24 (Seniors/Students) and can be purchased at:

Special promotion for Bulgarians: tickets for $24 though Anna Levy (tel. 604 936 9752, or email:

There will be some treats after the concert!

Hope to see you there!