45 Days to 2003 World Weightlifting Championships – Press Conference

Less than 45 days until the commencement of competition for the 73rd Men’s and Women’s World Weightlifting Championships in Vancouver.

On August 6, 2003, at the Exhibition Hall of Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre in Vancouver, a press conference was held by our member 2003 World Weightlifting Championships (2003 WWC).

The 2003 WWC invited the Bulgarian-Canadian Society of BC (BCSBC) to join the press conference. Jeliazko Andreev and Vania Ganacheva attended the press conference as representatives of BCSBC.

This press conference continues our joint efforts in building the awareness about the 2003 World Weightlifting Championships, the Bulgarian-Canadian Society of BC and the multicultural environment in Vancouver. It expanded on the success achieved during our joint participation in Kaleidoscope – A World in Our City ( the annual Richmond multicultural festival) held on July 12, 2003.

The president of BCSBC – Frantz Argirov, who was in Bulgaria at the moment, sent us the book “Bulgarian Phenomenon in World Weightlifting – Who’s Who in Bulgarian Weightlifting” with a personal autograph from the author Dimitar Dimitrov, who was an outstanding athlete and coach in the Bulgarian Weightlifting.

During the press conference on behalf of BCSBC Jeliazko Andreev presented the book to Jon Curleigh (CEO, 2003 WWC).

The 2003 World Weightlifting Championships will be held at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre from November 14th to 22nd. This is the first time this competition will be held in Canada and serves as the Olympic qualifier for the Summer Olympics in Athens next year. Approximately 650 athletes from over 85 countries are expected to compete in 9 days of competition. For more information including ticket and volunteer opportunities please visit the official web site: www.2003wwc.com

From left to right in the picture:

Peter Simpson – (Community Relations and Public

Affairs Manager, 2003 WWC). Previously a finansial analyst for a major brokerage firm in Tokyo and Sydney, he has spent time over the last 2 years working on Vancouver’s bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Vania Ganacheva – ( Society Relations Manager of

Bulgarian-Canadian Society of BC)

Jeliazko Andreev – (Director of Finance, Strategic

Planning and Business Development) – One of the founders of the Bulgarian- Canadian Society of BC. During the last 9 years he has been working towards the promotion of the Bulgarian culture in British Columbia.

Jon Curleigh – (CEO, 2003 WWC). Jon’s international

business experience includes both work and education in Europe, the United States and Canada. His efforts have been focused primarily on sports marketing over the last 10 years with some of the largest sporting organizations including the NHL, NBA and PGA.

Matthew Coyne – (Manager, Sales & Market

Development, Sport Tourism, Tourism Vancouver – The Greater Vancouver Convention and Visitors Bureau)

Bulgarian – Canadian Society of BC was established in British Columbia to promote, support and preserve Bulgarian culture in British Columbia.

For more information visit the official web site of the society: www.bcsbc.ca

Oct 17, 2003