On the eve of the Bulgaria’s National Holiday, a presentation of Bogdan Darev’s new film “There” took place in Vancouver on March 2, 2019.

Bogdan Darev is well-known to the audience here with the film “This Grandmother”, which was presented several years ago.

In his new film “There” the author tells the story of his return to Bulgaria for the first time after 23 years as an immigrant in the United States. Bogdan leaves Bulgaria when he is 18 years old and returns there for the first time at 41. The story is presented in a very exciting way, mixed with poetry and metaphor. Bogdan touches the hearts of the audience with his open-minded look and thoughts about what the homeland is for people, who live and work far from home but still care about Bulgaria. The movie also touches on the sensitive subject of separation with relatives, loved ones and shows it in a unique way.

After the screening, a discussion with the audience was held, during which the viewers had the opportunity to ask questions and express what they felt while watching the film. Many shared that the film had touched their hearts and made them feel, in one way or another, empathetic towards Bogdan’s story.