On the occasion of Bulgaria’s national holiday, March 3rd, the Bulgarian national flag was officially raised for the third consecutive year. The event took place on March 3, 2019 at 12:00pm in the Friendship Gardens in New Westminster, the first capital of British Columbia.

The event was attended by the Canadian Senator, Ms. Jonah Martin; the Honorary Consul of Bulgaria to the province of British Columbia, Mr. Ron Suh; the acting Mayor of New Westminster, Ms. Cinu Das; leaders of the Bulgarian community, and Bulgarian patriots.

The flag was raised by the President of the Bulgarian-Canadian Society for British Columbia, Mr. Vladimir Popov. In his speech, he acknowledged the significance of this holiday for all Bulgarians.

Ms. Yonah Martin conveyed greetings from the leaders of the Parliament of Canada to the Bulgarian community and noted “… what an amazing day when the Bulgarian and Canadian flags are flown together…”.

Mr. Ron Su expressed his wonderful impressions of his visit to Bulgaria.

The poem “I am a Bulgarian” was recited by Nadia Ganeva, a 4th Grade student in the Bulgarian school in Vancouver.

At the end of the event a Bulgarian dance was performed by all the people, who attended the event.